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Don't tell me how this game ends

Cause we'll just see how it goes

Jessenia "Jess" Ilona-Videoman
11 February
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((Roleplay journal. Jess is an Original Character. Uncredited icons are made by the player, her new Played By is Jessica Stroup and I am not her at all. Journal Lyrics are from "Going Down in Flames" by 3 Doors Down.))

Character, series- Jess, Original Character in Mega Man Ruby Spears' Cartoon Series... Sort of.

Digimon partner- PicoDevimon

D-Comm colours- Black, lilac and silver.

D-comm symbol-

Character history-
The universe that Jess hails from followed the canon to a T, up until certain folks, Mega Man and his brother Proto Man, found themselves with access to a multiversal nexus. This led to them meeting many interesting characters and such, including a young woman who had happened to have been a fan of the fictional source the characters are from. That young woman ended up migrating into that universe, learning about robotics and then ten years in the future she ended up creating Jess.

Life was actually pretty normal for Jess, as she lived the first few months of her life like a normal child. Or as normal a life as a robot can live, until there were some... Complications, between her mother/creator and the government. This ended up as a mighty cock-up, with Jess' hiding in the multiverse after her mother's death and burial, until she ran into a younger version of the Proto Man from her world. He took Jess in, allowing her to stay with him in the universe known as Reality Vanish. A Mega Man-centric multiverse, where robots/reploids/etc all had the same rights as humans. Something that wasn't gonna happen anytime soon in Jess' world.

Things seemed... Well, actually they didn't go to well. Jess had become a bit of a brat, thinking that she shouldn't get attached to anyone because of her mother's death, and this lead to a few problems. Which weren't helped by her meeting one Videoman.EXE, who at the time was still a Darkloid, and doing a wonderful prank with his help. Of course this was just the start, as Jess ended up helping Videoman, when he had been tricked into using a potent Dark Chip, by getting him to someone who could help him. And then being charged with taking care of Videoman, which she took to heart, even if it wasn't really 'taking care of' and more like 'don't break this specially made PET that'll make sure that his Dark Aura won't kill him' instead.

And life seemed well, events happened, like Jess being upgraded to her current appearance, putting her on par with most reploids instead of being an old style robot, Videoman's Dark Aura seemingly vanishing, and until around Christmas life seemed good. But after having been asked by Videoman to go with him, Jess ran away from home. This lead to one of Videoman's former Darkloid 'comrades', Shademan, a vampire themed NetNavi, to attack Jess to get at Videoman. (Which actually kind of worked!) This lead to Jess ending up in the robotic equivalent of intensive care and then under the care of the government and put into a foster home. And that, along with an event during hallo ween, further compounded Jess' bat phobia.

Lots of stuff happened while Jess was in foster care, like Videoman being kidnapped by his original creator, Jess' first "birth"day but nothing huge and earth shaking. In fact it wasn't until Jess was considered legally an adult by RV-law, eighteen months old, that she got herself out of foster care and moved in with Videoman back in his original universe. She found his copyroid disguise a bit off putting, and it did take a while... In fact it wasn't until the near one year anniversary of Jess and Videoman meeting that they actually took the relationship to the next, more physical level.

There was also the events with Videoman's Dark Aura/Soul reappearing, but that ended up working out well in the end. And it's long, so no need to go into details.

Anyways, now she's been yoinked into the digital world much to her chagrin. Partnered with "PicoDevimon", aka "Stupid Fucking Bat Thing", and she honestly thinks the multiverse is playing some big stupid joke on her. That or she'll blame Videoman, but that's the easy solution.

Character personality-
Jess, when she was younger, was a sweet, slightly hyper, young girl who wanted to make lots of friends in the multiverse and essentially just be a normal girl. Of course with her mother/creator's death Jess became a jaded and mouthy little brat. That didn't change much, as she's a loud and opinionated girl now, but tends to temper herself for the sake of those she cares about. Occasionally showing that girl she was when she was younger.

Which is very few people... Only one in the digital world, actually. And that's Videoman.

Of course if she's nasty to you it probably means she likes you, as she tends to insult Videoman, who is her boyfriend, but like hell she'd admit that, at least once a day.

She also has a paralyzing phobia of bats.